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Electrical Panel Services in Ogden, Utah

Your electrical panel is essentially the heart of your home, pumping and directing power to every room. All of your devices and appliances depend on your breaker panel, the small box of switches that hides away in your basement or garage. 

Your electric panel determines the amount of electricity your home can use at once. Over time, wear and tear can affect its functionality. You might also find yourself in need of a higher capacity panel to keep up with the power demands of your home.

When that happens, you need an electrical service provider that can install, repair, replace, and upgrade electrical panels reliably. Master Electrical Services has been providing expert service since 1954. 

If you need help with your electrical panel, call (801) 543-2222 to schedule an appointment. 

Electrical Panel Repair

If your main panel needs repairs, our team of professionals can fix it in no time. Most repairs take a few hours or so, and once we finish, you’ll know your home is powered up safely. We can rewire your panel to improve safety, replace or add circuits as necessary, and relocate your panel to a safe space. 

Need any of those services? Or different services? No matter the issue, our electrician will provide a thorough inspection to identify any and all issues affecting your circuit breaker panel. 

Electrical Panel Replacement

Sometimes, damage to your panel can be so severe that you’ll need to have a new one installed. When your main breaker panel needs replacing, it will begin to show clear signs. 

Signs You Need a New Electric Panel

Do you smell burning? Is your panel making strange sounds? In these cases, a circuit breaker panel replacement is your best option.

There are other signs, too. Your breaker may repeatedly trip no matter how many times you reset it. In some cases, it may fail to reset altogether. 

Your panel may also start to feel warm or hot to the touch, which sometimes means the wires inside your panel have frayed, scorched, or melted. If your circuit breaker panel is emitting smoke or a burning smell, or you can hear popping and sizzling, you should call our electricians right away. Master Electrical Services can give you a professional opinion about the status of your main panel breaker and what to do next.

Keep in mind that most electrical panels should be replaced every 20 to 30 years, depending on their condition. If you’re moving into a home, make sure to check the electrical panel, as it may already be decades old.

Older homes tend to have outdated equipment, and that includes the electrical panel. If your panel uses fuses instead of circuit breakers, your panel is out of date.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Even if your home’s circuit breaker panel is working just fine, the power load demanded by your home may exceed its capacity. Instead of constantly keeping an eye on which appliances are running, you can upgrade your electrical panel. That is not only more convenient for you and your family, but it’s also safer. 

One of the primary causes of electrical fires is an overloaded or outdated main panel breaker. With an upgraded and up-to-date one, you won’t have to worry. A new electrical panel installation will keep your home safe and let you run additional appliances.

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Master Electrical Services has over 60 years of experience. If you need a dependable electrician that can help you with your electrical breaker panel issues, give us a call at (801) 543-2222. We’ll schedule an appointment for you right away!

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