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Installation & Maintenance for Home Breaker Panels

One of the most important components of your home’s electrical system is probably hiding in an innocuous corner of your basement, housed behind a gray metal door: your main breaker panel. The breaker determines the amount of electricity your home can use simultaneously and contains individual breakers that trip to stop your circuits from overloading.

Unless it happens frequently, an occasionally tripped breaker is no cause for alarm. Simply find the switch that corresponds to the tripped circuit and switch it back to “on.” There are times, however, when your main breaker may need more attention.

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When to Replace Your Electrical Panel

If you’re wondering when to replace the electrical panel, it’s better safe than sorry.

Signs to replace your electrical panel:

  • A humming sound coming from the panel
  • Moisture or water damage around the panel
  • Frequent breaker tripping
  • A fuse system in the panel rather than a modern circuit breaker system
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