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Installing Backup Power for Your Home

It’s easy to take electricity for granted. Every day, we switch on the lights, heat our homes, run appliances, charge electronics, and watch entertainment using electricity. If the power goes out, it can cause a major disruption to your daily activities. But in extremely hot or extremely cold weather, a power failure could also be life-threatening.

At Master Electrical Service, we like to say we’ll light up your day. But with one of our Generac home backup generators, you can make sure your lights are on every day, no matter the power outage or emergency you experience.

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Peace of Mind When the Power’s Out

Generac generators are very versatile. Some homeowners choose to use a model that can support all of their home activities in case of a power outage; some choose to have a generator connected only to the most important systems of the house. And unlike portable generators, a Generac home backup generator can sit outside your home just like an air conditioning unit, with no extra cords or hassle.

There are distinct advantages to using a Generac home backup generator:

  • Starts and stops automatically; no manual intervention needed
  • Runs on existing gas or LP fuel supply
  • No extension cords
  • Preferred by 7 out of 10 homeowners who use a backup generator

Ogden Generator Repair & Installation

We at Master Electrical Service have been providing electrical services, troubleshooting, and generator repair in Ogden and Northern Utah since 1954. Our team of Ogden generator repair specialists are available to you so that your back up plan can truly serve as your last line of defense.

As your experts in generator repair in Ogden, we also serve Salt Lake City, Cache, Box Elder, Morgan, Davis, Logan, Layton, Orem, and Santaquin.

No matter your home or family’s needs, we can recommend a backup power solution that works for you. We also offer Home Protection Plans and Home Safety Checks to keep your systems up to par.

To install the backup generator your home needs or take care of any generator repair in Ogden, call 801-543-2222.

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5 Signs Your Generator Could Use Repairs

Problems Starting

A generator that doesn't start could be defunct for a variety of reasons. Depending on your unit, it's possible that there's a problem with the gas line or electrical system. It could also be a dead battery. Generators that are idle for a lengthy period of time can be particularly vulnerable to this, so it's important to test your generator every once in a while to keep it operational


If you see a pool of liquid, that's never a good sign. Generators use different liquids such as fuel, oil, and coolant. Especially older generators can have any of these liquids leaking from the lines or storage containers. These leaks can be greasy and dangerous, so it's best to have our Ogden generator repair specialists take a look at it.

Turning On and Off

If your generator can start, but not consistently provide power, then it should be checked by one of our Ogden generator repair experts as there are a multitude of reasons this could be happening. It could be due to some of the aforementioned reasons a generator isn't starting. It could also be that your generator is shutting itself down because it's overheating.

Low Power

Another reason to test your generator on a regular basis is so that you know exactly how much power it's supposed to provide. Just because your generator isn't providing all the power it usually does, doesn't mean it needs to be replaced necessarily. It could just use a tune-up by one of our Ogden generator repair specialists who'll recommend a replacement if it's necessary.

Damaged on the Inside or Out

It's always a good idea to have a look at your generator after any major storm or incident. If exterior damage is severe, it could negatively affect the innards. If you can take a look inside the unit, look for any worn out wires, lines, or connectors. Spotting a problem before it fully manifests is your best bet at keeping your lights on and adding years to your generator's life.

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