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Furnace Installation in Ogden, Utah

Utah is known for being one of the driest states and having snowy winters. That is enough to know that you need a good heating system to make it through those cold months. We would consider furnace installations a priority in this cold climate. For your family to be comfortable in their home, they should have a reliable furnace. You can turn your frigid winters into cozy months of curling up in a toasty house. 

If you are considering a furnace installation, contact Master Electrical Service. We can provide you and your family with the best heating solution. We will ensure that you get the right furnace to suit your particular needs. 

For more information on our heating services, contact us at 866-551-3679 or schedule an appointment online. 

Types of Furnace Installations

Before you make this big decision, it is best to know your options. There are different kinds of furnaces to consider. Each one has its unique advantages that will fit your specifications. 

Natural Gas Furnaces

These economical furnaces can be up to 98% more energy-efficient than other furnaces. This is the most popular type of heating system, with nearly 50% of American choosing natural gas as their heating method. Gas is much cheaper than electricity and more effective at heating. However, natural gas furnaces combust fuel and produce carbon monoxide, which is highly toxic. If there is a carbon monoxide leak, it could be fatal. If you are installing a natural gas furnace, be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors to keep you and your family safe. 

Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces are slightly less energy-efficient than gas-powered furnaces, but they cost up to 25% less to install. However, oil furnaces are still more economical than electric furnaces. 

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are cheap and easy to install. They also last homeowners longer than gas and oil furnaces. However, you will be paying much more each month for electricity. Electric furnaces are considered the safer option since there is no risk of a gas or carbon monoxide leak. Electric furnaces also take longer to heat your home, increasing your electricity bill even more.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Furnace


To heat your home properly and keep utility bills low, it is important to buy the right-sized furnace. Let out technicians assist with this. They will assess the size of your home, the height of your ceilings, and the number of windows in your house. These aspects will help determine the perfect strength and size furnace for your home. If you buy a furnace is that too big, you waste money, and your home’s air quality will suffer. If you choose one that is too small, you will always struggle to get the perfect temperature in your home.


You may be tempted to purchase the cheapest furnace. However, this may be unwise since cheaper furnaces are not always as energy-efficient, so you end up paying more money for electricity each month. For the best residential furnace installation, ask our experts to assist you in picking the right furnace brand. Check reviews from previous clients to help you make up your mind.

Furnace Replacements 

A furnace can have a lifespan of up to 30 years if you keep it well maintained. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to hold out until the 30-year mark to replace it. Once your furnace reaches the age of 15, you may benefit from a replacement. 

Signs To Get A Furnace Replacement in Ogden

Don’t wait until the dead of winter to replace your furnace. Start the process long in advance so that you can be prepared for the cold months ahead. 

If your electricity bills have increased drastically over the last few months (if you have an electric furnace), this means that your furnace is working harder to overcome internal problems. When you call your HVAC contractor regularly for furnace repairs, you should consider replacing it instead. This will save time and money. 

Strange noises and problems turning on and off are also signs that your furnace is nearing the end of its life. Don’t hesitate to call Master Electrical Service to inspect your furnace and let you know if you need a replacement. 

Reliable Heating Installations 

Don’t let the Utah winters get the best of you. Contact your trusted HVAC specialist today. We are here to ensure that you and your family are warm this winter, and the many more to come. If you want a quality residential furnace installation, this is the right company. Our technicians won’t let you down. Master Electrical Service has years of experience with furnaces, so you can trust us to deliver great heating services!

For more information on our unbeatable heating installations, arrange an appointment online or call us at 866-551-3679. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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