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While we are all accustomed to having electricity flowing through our homes, we rarely think about electrical wiring and rewiring services until a problem arises. If your home is older, or the wiring was a DIY project by a previous owner, the electrical wiring may have been installed incorrectly, or the wrong type of wiring may have been used. While it might not seem like a big deal when everything is working normally, if you have faulty wiring in your home, you are putting yourself at risk for an electrical fire.  

Whether you think you have faulty wiring or you’re upgrading your home, Master Electrical Service can help. Our team of professionals can complete electrical wiring in Ogden and the surrounding areas. They are trained to complete wiring installation for new projects or repair faulty wires with a full house rewiring.

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What Does Electrical Wiring & Rewiring Involve?

Electrical wiring involves a wide variety of services. They include: 

  • Installing electrical cabling and associated devices 
  • Circuit board installation 
  • Light switch wiring 
  • Outlet wiring 
  • Light fixture installation 
  • Thermostat wiring

Master Electrical Service can provide these and many additional services for electrical wiring in Ogden.

Electrical Rewiring Services 

As your dependence on electrical devices grows, it is critical to update and maintain your electrical wiring. Master Electrical Service is prepared to help homeowners upgrade their electrical systems and ensure their current wiring meets all regulations. 

We have a team of licensed electricians who will safely and efficiently complete any home rewiring you need.  

Full Home Rewiring 

When the project requires a full house rewiring, it can be a large task with many long-lasting benefits. Your home will be protected from potential electrical fires, and appliances can be protected from some electrical surges. 

An update to your wiring will ensure that it is in compliance with the most recent codes, covered by insurance, and capable of being resold.  

Circuit Breaker Wiring 

Circuit breakers are responsible for managing electrical currents. With the increasing demand for power within your home, your circuit breakers may become overloaded. Choosing to upgrade and replace old circuit breakers is a way to ensure your home and appliances are safe. It will also help prevent power surges, connection interruptions, and fire hazards. 

Light Switch Wiring 

While it seems like a simple DIY project, light switch wiring should be left to the professionals. It can be dangerous if you aren’t trained to add a light switch. Master Electrical Service can wire or rewire an existing light fixture to a new or existing switch. 

Our trained electricians will check your circuit breaker box first because adding switches and fixtures will increase your output. They will assess your current panel, and if necessary, replace the components or the entire panel to ensure your electrical system will withstand the demands of your new light switches and fixtures.  

Outlet Wiring 

Another electrical wiring & rewiring service Master Electrical Service can provide is outlet wiring. As the use of electrical devices increases, so does the need for more conveniently placed outlets in your home. Sure, you can use a power strip, but you are at risk of overloading the outlet by trying to use more electricity than it can handle.  

You can eliminate this risk by enlisting the services of a trained electrician to assess your power needs. We can determine the number of outlets that your home could benefit from and create a plan to complete the outlet wiring project. 

Thermostat Wiring 

Thermostat wiring requires you to have training and knowledge to complete the job safely. You may be at risk of electric shock or risk causing electrical damage to the circuit breaker panel if you are unsure of what to do with the wires. Keep yourself safe and leave this job to the professionals like Master Electrical Service. We can help with the electrical wiring & rewiring of a thermostat.    

The Benefits of Electrical Rewiring 

Electrical system failures are the third-leading cause of structure fires. By using a professional for your electrical rewiring projects, you can keep your home and family safe. Additionally, you can increase your power capacities and ensure you meet electrical codes. Your home will be equipped to handle power surges, and you’re making a proactive choice to help avoid electrical issues. 

Cost of Electrical Wiring & Rewiring 

The cost involved with hiring a professional electrician depends on the following factors: 

  • Size of the project 
  • Total hours of labor
  • Materials required
  • Accessibility of wiring
  • Amount of wire needed

Our team members may need to open walls to run wires but will do so with as little damage, labor, and cost as possible. 

How Long Will Electrical Wiring Services Take? 

Much like the cost, the time it will take an electrician to complete electrical wiring & rewiring projects will vary depending on many things. From the size of the property to the electrical layout, there are endless combinations of factors to consider. 

A project could take just a few days to complete, or a few weeks for a full home rewiring. But when you use our expert electricians, you will have regular communication regarding the status of your home.  

Repair Your Faulty Wiring With a High-Quality Electrician 

One sign of faulty wiring is electrical overload and frequent power outages. These conditions increase the risk of electrical fires and dangerous power surges. Older wiring was not designed to handle the number of electronic devices simultaneously drawing power. It leaves your devices at risk of damage during a power surge. 

Schedule Your Electrical Wiring & Rewiring Today! 

The good news is that by calling our team, you can easily avoid power surges and structural fires caused by old or faulty wiring. Our highly trained, professional, and courteous electricians have been serving Ogden and the Northern Utah area for years. 

For more information on our electrical wiring and rewiring services or to schedule an appointment with one of our master electricians, contact us today or give us a call at (801) 543-2222.

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