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Electrical Upgrade in Ogden, Utah

The average age of homes in the United States today is 37 years, which means that roughly half of all the homes in the country are even older than that. We’ve learned a lot about providing safe and reliable service in that time, and you can take advantage of the latest features and updates with electrical upgrade services from Master Electrical Service.

Why Your Home May Need an Electrical Upgrade

In general, there are two main areas where homes are likely to need electrical upgrades. The first is the electrical panel, and the second is the outlets in your home. Both implement more safety features today than in the past, with modern variants offering more shock and fire resistance.

Both your panel and outlets could very well be the same ones that were originally installed when your house was built. Other fixtures like lighting have likely been repaired in the decades since. On the other hand, electrical panels and outlets are often overlooked until there’s a problem.

Some common signs that your home might have outdated equipment that are putting it at risk are:

  • Sparks when plugging in and unplugging appliances
  • A burning smell in your home at times
  • Heat on electrical panels or outlets
  • Frequent circuit breakers tripping

These are clear indicators that something is wrong, but keep in mind that you might still have an issue even if they aren’t present. Any electrical panel over 20 years old is well worth looking at to see if it needs an upgrade. You can reach out to the licensed electricians at Master Electrical Service to evaluate your home’s electrical system and determine what upgrades are in order.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

The electrical panel is the main junction for all the electricity coming into your home. It keeps the lights on and your house safe from overloading and short-circuiting. Unfortunately, they can go decades without much-needed upgrades to improve safety.

Master Electrical Service can provide you with the home electrical panel upgrade you need to keep your home safe. Older panels don’t have the same safety features as newer models.

Any home built before 1999 had its panel installed before arc-fault breakers were required in new construction. These breakers offer superior protection to conventional breakers. In addition to stopping short-circuiting and overloads, they prevent arc faults. These unintentional discharges are a severe fire hazard, and every home should have protection against them.

Our licensed electricians can install new arc-fault breakers in your existing electrical panel, providing the essential safety feature you need for your home. While some homes built before 1999 might have them even though they weren’t mandated, it’s well worth taking a look to find out.

In addition to improving safety, we can also provide electrical updates to give you additional capacity. Older homes were built when people had fewer electrical appliances, so your electrical service might not be up to meeting your needs.

Master Electrical Service can bring your home’s electrical service up to a standard 200 amps, enough for all your modern conveniences. When necessary, we can also provide 400 amp upgrades for larger homes that have higher power consumption.

You might also need a home electrical panel upgrade if you’re going through a major renovation or home addition. If a panel doesn’t have enough slots to accommodate breakers for all the circuits in your home, you’re going to need an upgrade to make room.

Electrical Outlet Upgrades

Many older homes can likely use electrical outlet upgrades as well. You might have noticed some outlets with only two slots, rather than three. These are ungrounded outlets, and they present a significant shock risk.

These types of outlets got replaced with the standard three-pronged outlets you find in most homes today, which add a ground connection. However, if your outlets don’t have ground wiring, it isn’t a simple task to retroactively put that in place.

Master Electrical Service can replace your ungrounded outlets with GFCI outlets or ground fault circuit interrupters. These safer outlets can interrupt the circuit when they detect a ground fault, providing protection even where ground wiring isn’t available.

These outlets aren’t just for replacing outdated two-pronged versions. They’re safer than even regular grounded outlets and are quickly becoming the standard for most new construction. In fact, they’re already required in bathrooms and other areas where water is expected.

The experienced electricians at Master Electrical Service can upgrade electrical outlets and GFCI outlets in your home, providing you with the modern electrical safety standard.

Professional Electrical Upgrade Services

If you think your home may be due for an electrical upgrade, contact Master Electrical Service to set up an appointment. Our licensed electricians can give you a reliable quote on any panel or outlet upgrades or any other electrical services you might need. Give us a call today at (801) 543-2222.

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