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Furnace Repair in Ogden, Utah

It can be frustrating when your furnace won’t switch on and it’s a cold winter’s day. Why do appliances break when you need them most? We can’t answer that question, but we can offer solutions to your problem.

Utah is known for some icy winters and the residents understand how important it is to have a working furnace. You don’t want to be stuck in a cold home over the weekend with no furnace to keep you cozy. We can’t choose the time that our furnaces break down, but we can respond promptly when they do. 

Trust Master Electrical Service with all your furnace repair needs. We will exceed your expectations and provide the best residential heating repair in Utah! 

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Furnace Repair Services

Your furnace needs repairs when it doesn’t do its job and heat your home. However, some less obvious signs point towards furnace repairs. Keep your eyes peeled for some of these common problems.

Faulty Thermostat

A very common furnace problem is a faulty thermostat. When your fan constantly runs but your home doesn’t feel any warmer, you probably have a broken thermostat. You can set the fan to auto and check that temperature is correct. If you have done these things but still coming up short, call Master Electrical Service, and we will repair your thermostat. 

Clogged Filters

Dirt can do damage. Clogged filters reduce the intake your furnace needs to run, and lower its effectiveness to warm your home. Dirty filters can lead to more permanent damage, so be sure to change them once every 3 months or more often if you have pets. 

Flickering Pilot Light

You need a working pilot light for your furnace to work properly. If it is a yellow color or it flickers frequently, this could mean that there is excess carbon monoxide in your gas furnace. This is serious and warrants an immediate call to your HVAC contractor. Contact us for the best residential furnace repairs and keep your family safe!

Damaged Heat Exchanger 

Your heat exchanger is responsible for separating the warming flame from the air to ensure that your furnace operates safely. Overheating your house and skipping regular air filter changes can cause your heat exchanger to crack. This can be expensive to fix since you likely need a new heat exchanger. Give us a call if you suspect that your heat exchanger is cracked; we will help you get it fixed.

Damaged Blower Belt

A blower belt is part of the motor that enables your furnace’s fan to run. Over time, blower belts fray or break. You will notice a damaged blower belt when you hear a high-pitched sound coming from your furnace when you put it on. Give us a call if you hear this sound, and we will replace your blower belt. This is a quick and easy heating repair that will have your furnace back up and running in no time. 


If your furnace switches on frequently, even if it just finished a cycle, you may have a dirty filter, or you are setting your furnace too high or too low. You may see an increase in your electricity bill due to this issue. Be sure to call Master Electrical Service to fix this problem. 

Problematic Limit Switch

When your furnace blows continually, it could mean that your limit switch is malfunctioning. Call an expert to assist with replacing your limit switch. 

Not Releasing Air

A furnace not blowing air is a common problem with a long list of possible causes. The most prevalent of these causes is a clogged blower. Ensure that your blower is clear of debris so air can flow freely. If your blower is flashing red, call a professional for furnace repair services.

Worn Ball Bearings

Ball bearings ensure that the motor works efficiently. As time goes on, these ball bearings wear out and need to be replaced. When you hear a loud scraping or grinding noise from your furnace, do not continue to use it until a technician repairs it. 

Rattling Noises

If you hear rattling or popping noises from your furnace, it could have loose panels that just need to be tightened. However, there could also be a problem with your ductwork. The noises are likely coming from the expanding and contracting of the ducts, depending on whether you are heating or cooling them. It is best to call a technician if these noises get out of hand or happen too often. 

Top Furnace Repairs in Ogden

Heater repairs should not be taken lightly. If you think your furnace is acting up, call Master Electrical Service for reliable heater repairs. 

For the best residential furnace repairs in Utah, do not hesitate to contact us at 866-551-3679 or schedule an appointment online.

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