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Electrician in Davis County, Utah

When your electrical system is down, it’s typically hard for your home to function properly. Even when it is up and running, outdated wiring and outlets can also make it difficult to run multiple appliances. Whether you need repairs or it’s time for some necessary electrical upgrades, calling an experienced electrician is the right choice so your family and home stay safe.

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Master Electrical Service is the Trusted Electrician in Davis County, UT

Our company, Master Electrical Service, is trusted by the Utah community. We come to our repairs and installations equipped with our “warehouse on wheels,” to ensure we have the tools necessary to restore or upgrade your electrical functions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we will treat your home with the same care we would our own.

Electrical Services in Davis County

Our electrical services bring the power, energizing your home’s electronics and appliances. Our services include electrical installation, electrical repair, outlet installation, lighting installation, and EV charger installation. All of our electricians are extensively skilled in their trade and undergo background and drug testing to ensure safety in your home.

Electrical Installation in Davis County

Our services for electrical installation in Davis County include major projects like electrical panel installations and wiring services. However, we also offer smaller installations, like lighting and ceiling fans. Electrical upgrades help transform your home into a stylish and functional space.

In the event of a power outage, generators can come in handy. To help you prepare, we offer small generators and whole-home system installations. The latter product integrates into your electrical system and continues to provide electricity to your entire home if for some reason your utility company can’t. This keeps your lights on and the food in the fridge fresh.

Electrical Repair in Davis County

Electrical repair in Davis County is popular during thunderstorm season. After all, that’s when uncontrollable weather shows the true faults in an electrical system. However, electrical problems can happen at any time during the year. 

Wear and use are the top two factors that affect your electrical functions. Our repair services will start by testing your system for inefficient parts. While we’re fixing your current electrical issues, we can make suggestions for ways to improve your system and avoid its next issue.

Outlet Installation in Davis County

With older homes, new outlet installations offer extended safety and energy capacity. For safety, electricians can switch outdated outlets to modern AFCI outlets that ground stray voltage and direct it away from your home. In the bathroom or kitchen, they can also install GFCI outlets, which are safe around water, to avoid electrocution accidents.

Outlet installation in Davis County also gives you the opportunity for more energy consumption. Older homes often lack the necessary amount of outlets to run the modern electronics or appliances we use today. More outlets also allow your electrical system to run more efficiently, saving you money on your monthly bills because your system doesn’t have to work as hard.

Lighting Installation in Davis County

Lighting installation in Davis County is often helpful when it comes to warding off outside critters. With raccoons being a common culprit in our communities, outdoor lighting installation can help keep them away from your yard. After all, raccoons are typically frightened by bright lights that resemble daylight, preferring instead to hide in the cover of night. 

In addition to making your outdoor area safer at night, it also stops these unwanted furry guests from joining your backyard parties. In addition to outdoor lighting, we also install useful indoor fixtures like ceiling fan lights and lights under your kitchen cabinets that help make food preparation safer and easier to see.

EV Charger Installation in Davis County

EV charger installation in Davis County is on the rise. With many Utah families switching to the convenience of an electric car, they also want the ease of charging it from home. This cuts out the travel time it takes to find a charging station. There are different sizes of EV chargers available with varying capabilities.

Lower capacity EV chargers take around a full day to charge your electric car. This is useful if your electrical car is a secondary vehicle. However, if you are looking to charge your everyday electrical vehicle from home, you will need a higher-grade charger. The commercial-grade EV chargers cut down charging times to about three hours until they reach full capacity.

Trust Master Electrical Service With Your Electrical Services in Davis Count

Master Electrical Service offers reliable electrical services in Davis County and its surrounding Utah cities. If you are looking for electrical upgrades in your home, we have the solutions. With everything from switching out faulty circuit breakers to full electrical panel replacements, there is not a job that is too big or too small for our experienced electricians.

Searching for an electrician in Davis County, UT? Call Master Electrical Service to book your electrical upgrades today, at (801) 543-2222.

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