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Learn How Solar Energy Can Enhance Your Home

The average household burns up to 900 pounds of coal every month to power their home. Over a year, that’s 10,800 pounds of coal. This has simply been the reality of home electrical power for decades—but today, homeowners have other options.

Solar energy provides a way for families to produce at least some of the energy they need at home. And even better, the average solar energy system offsets roughly 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in over 20 years. Solar is a clean energy solution that is available to families now.

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Advantages for Your Family

Solar energy is not only green—it has benefits for you and your wallet, starting from the moment you install.

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But there are more reasons to act now and add solar power to your home including:

Diminishing state and federal tax credits

Both the State and Federal Government tax credits will be phased out over the next several years. Installing solar now insures you will take advantage of the full credits.

Net metering uncertainty

Rocky Mountain Power is trying to change the current Net Metering Policy which would take away the financial advantages to installing solar.

Newer, better technology

Advancements in technology have made solar systems more efficient and longer lasting. Warranties on your system equipment extend to at least 25 years.

Environmentally friendly

Lower your energy reliance while also doing your part to reduce poor air quality and carbon emissions.


Switching to solar is easy, especially with low monthly payments and no upfront costs. Because it is a highly efficient energy source, you can also expect your energy costs to decrease significantly.

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