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Older homes are often equipped with electrical parts that served a different time. Reversely, modern electrical products must keep up with the numerous appliances and electronics we plug in every day. Trying to cram too much into your old system, will force it to work overtime, and it frequently leads to an overload or surge. 

While it’s clear that these old parts are ineffective, they can also be unsafe. Improperly installed wiring, a lack of outlets, and stray voltage from a lack of grounding can all lead to shock, electrocution, and electrical fires if they aren’t updated properly.

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Benefits of Electrical Upgrades

Electrical upgrades do more than just offer additional light to your home. They increase safety and security, helping your family navigate your home in the dark and ward off burglars or wild animals outside. In addition, they increase functionality. For example, adding more outlets allows your home to handle today’s technology needs and increased energy output.

Our Electrical Services  

Our electrical services in Weber County are conducted with a friendly and helpful attitude and with the precision we would want to see in our own homes. They include electrical installation, electrical repair, outlet installation, lighting installation, and EV charger installation. 

Electrical Installation in Weber County

We offer wiring and electrical panel installations to help your home step into the modern age with ease. Our services for electrical installation in Weber County focus on maintaining system effectiveness while keeping your monthly bills low. Sometimes the need for electrical installation services is sudden. If your panel stops working unexpectedly, we can replace it immediately, with 24/7 emergency services.

Electrical Repair in Weber County

A typical electrical panel lasts 20 to 40 years, while proper wiring can stay effective for over 50 years. However, a long lifespan depends on proper maintenance and how regularly your system receives repairs. To continue effectively powering your home, we offer an electrical repair in Weber County to correct code violations, fix damaged panel parts, and address strange sounds.

Outlet Installation in Weber County

In addition to electrical panel replacements and rewiring services, we also offer services for outlet installation in Weber County. A lack of outlets in your home fails to power the multiple appliances and electronics it takes to effectively run it. We can also upgrade your outlets, installing versions that adhere to code for safety, like GFCI outlets in rooms around water.

Lighting Installation in Weber County

Lighting changes the look of your home, highlighting a specific area or brightening a dark hallway. In your kitchen, lights can run along with cabinets and make food preparation easier. Lighting in the backyard provides a safe entertaining environment for family and friends, emphasizing your yard and making steps or uneven walkways safer in the dark.

Our experienced electricians are skilled at installing chandeliers, under-cabinet lighting, motion sensor lighting, landscape lighting, outdoor lighting, fluorescent lighting, track lighting, recessed can lighting, and ceiling fan lights, to provide our customers with various lighting improvements. Our services for lighting installation in Weber County positively transform your home.

EV Charger Installation in Weber County

Owning an electrical car offers the convenience of not having to stop for gas repeatedly, which is better in the long run for your pocketbook and the environment. However, finding a charging station for your car comes with some of its time-consuming complications.

Our services for EV charger installation in Weber County cut out the middle man. Instead of traveling to a charging station, you can charge your car from the convenience of your home. Models that take around a full day to charge your car are typically compatible with your current electrical load. However, commercial-grade products will need a dedicated circuit. 

Trust Master Electrical Service For Your Electrical Services in Weber County, UT

When you’re looking for an electrician in Weber County, UT, look no further than Master Electrical Service. We have a variety of electrical services to fit the individual needs of your home and family. Safety and customer satisfaction are at the forefront of our projects. 

Our mission is to perform our client’s necessary repairs or replacement services on time so that you can enjoy your home’s new upgrades as soon as possible. Unlike electrical companies who offer false promises to get you through the door, we want our customers to continue choosing Master Electrical Service because they are pleased with our diligent work.

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