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Heating Services in Davis County, UT

When Davis County temperatures dip below freezing in the winter, it can make your home very cold and uncomfortable if you don’t have a proper heating system. Individual heaters only work to heat one room, making an overnight walk to the bathroom an icy trip. However, central heating systems work to distribute comforting heat evenly throughout your home.

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Heating Services in Davis County

Our heating services in Davis County include heating repairs, heating installations, and maintenance. In addition to working on heat pumps, we offer furnace options, apart from your HVAC system. All heating projects are conducted with professionalism. Our employees come equipped for any issue, showing up with a friendly attitude and a “warehouse on wheels.”

Heating Repair in Davis County

When you think of an HVAC system, you typically consider its cooling functions. However, a heat pump pushes and pulls air to heat and cool your home. With so much responsibility, heat pumps need repairs from time to time to keep operating successfully. 

Our services for heating repair in Davis County include replacing valves that are working incorrectly, replacing low refrigerant levels and checking refrigerant line effectiveness, fixing faulty thermostat functions, and changing out dirty filters that are harming air quality.

Heating Installation in Davis County

In addition to repairs, we can aid in upgrading your current individual heating or cooling units to an HVAC system. We can also help you switch out your current central heating system to a more effective model. If your current system is over 15 years old, producing strange smells, or emitting odd sounds, it’s likely time for a replacement. 

Our services for heating installation in Davis County are conducted with safety and a friendly, helpful attitude. It’s important to call in a professional when it comes to heating installations because installing the wrong size can be detrimental to its effectiveness and efficiency.

Heating Maintenance in Davis County

Our services for heating maintenance in Davis County help to handle the duties you can’t do from home. While filter changes are often homeowner friendly, addressing a frozen unit and working with refrigerants on your own can be difficult and even dangerous. After all, if mishandled, refrigerant can be a deadly chemical.

We will assist you in understanding your machine and the ways we can help with regular repairs. In addition, we can show you ways to cut down on your monthly heating bills and maintain your unit in-between visits. Our goal is to help your heating system run at its full potential, so it doesn’t break down on you when you need it most.

Furnace Repair in Davis County

Our services for furnace repair in Davis County will address issues like your pilot light, fan functions, and heat exchanger. Furnace repairs may spring up unexpectedly, but you should check for them once to twice a year because it isn’t always obvious something is wrong. Keeping up on furnace repairs ensures you are distributing clean air to your home.

Furnace Installation in Davis County

Furnace installation is separate from a typical HVAC installation. While it works alongside an air conditioning unit, they don’t operate from the same machine. With a furnace system, you use your furnace in the fall and winter to heat your home, while you would use your air conditioning unit during the spring or summer.

Our furnace Installation in Davis County offers gas and electric options. Gas furnaces are often more expensive to install and take longer because they are more complicated systems. However, they also work well at heating your home efficiently and cutting down your monthly bills. Electric furnaces have the benefit of lasting 10 to 15 years longer than gas models.

Furnace Maintenance in Davis County

Our services for furnace maintenance in Davis County aim to extend the lifespan of your electric or gas model. While furnaces start strong, heating your home, their usefulness diminishes if you don’t keep up on tune-ups and repairs. 

Over time, issues arise in your furnace that can create health hazards if they aren’t dealt with on time. For example, gas furnaces can produce carbon monoxide if leaks aren’t caught early. On the other hand, neglected electrical maintenance on your electric furnace can lead to dangerous electrical fires in your home.

Trust Master Electrical Service With Your Heating Services in Davis County

Master Electrical Service are leaders in the industry for heating services in Davis County. Our services are unmatched, being completed with both precision and timeliness. Our employees are extensively trained, background checked and drug tested to ensure we are delivering the best services possible. Big or small, we can handle your home’s heating issues.

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