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Air Conditioning Services in Fruit Heights, Utah

If you have lived in Fruit Heights, UT for a few years, you’ll know never to underestimate how hot it can feel in the summer. When you aren’t prepared with air conditioning services in Fruit Heights, the hot weather can get miserable fast. At Master Electrical service, we don’t want anyone to have to suffer from the heat. We’re always on call to get your AC operational again or to install a new one. 

Our air conditioning services in Fruit Heights are here for you so you can check AC maintenance and repairs off of your to-do list. We know you have a lot on your shoulders, so let us take this one! 

Contact us online or give us a call at (801) 543-2222 for more information on our air conditioning services in Fruit Heights, or to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled HVAC technicians.

AC Services in Fruit Heights

It may feel like it takes a lot to keep an air conditioner running. Parts can break down or wear out, and it needs cleaning and lubrication at least once a year. With our AC services in Fruit Heights, we make it as easy as possible. We have fast repairs, reliable installations, and tune-ups that will make your system run like new again. 

Air Conditioning Repair in Fruit Heights

When the weather outside is so hot that it’s keeping you indoors, the last thing you want to have to deal with is an AC that doesn’t work. We don’t want you to have to wait for hours while the temperatures in your house keep getting higher. Instead, you can call us for emergency air conditioning repair in Fruit Heights. We’ll be there fast, and our trucks are always loaded and ready to go. 

If you want to catch problems early before they even get to this point, watch for some early signs of an AC breakdown. These can include:

  • Weak airflow
  • Higher electricity bills
  • Loud noises during operation
  • Frequent cycling
  • Leaking water

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Air Conditioning Installation in Fruit Heights

If you take care of your AC, you can expect it to last 10-15 years. After that, keep a close eye on it and start preparing to have it replaced. Air conditioning installation in Fruit Heights is usually needed when the AC starts breaking down a lot more or something expensive needs to be replaced that’s no longer under warranty. You can count on us to make good recommendations that consider your needs. We won’t tell you that a replacement is necessary unless an installation is going to be more beneficial for you. 

When you are ready for an installation, we’ll help you with the many options that you have. We can install central air conditioners, mini-split systems, floor-mounted systems, and window air conditioners. Not every system is good for every home, so we’ll work together to come up with a plan that will cool your home efficiently while keeping costs low.  

AC Maintenance & Tune Ups in Fruit Heights

Every air conditioner needs yearly maintenance. Just like you wouldn’t skip an oil change for your car, you also shouldn’t skip an AC tune up. Even if your air conditioner seems to be working fine, there may be hidden problems. Dirt may be collecting on the evaporator coil, and moving parts may be losing some of their lubrication. With our AC maintenance & tune up services in Fruit Heights, we will check your system, clean it, adjust a few things, and let you get back to enjoying an AC that’s even more comfortable and efficient than before. 

Our Air Conditioning Services in Fruit Heights

We know how hot it can get in Fruit Heights. After all, Fruit Heights is home to many of our team members, too. We know just what it takes to make your house a shelter from the heat, even in July and August when temperatures soar. Our technicians are professional, courteous, and caring. We have a strict drug-free policy, so you don’t have to worry about opening up your door to strangers.  If your AC needs to be repaired, or you need a new system installed, the skilled team at Master Electrical Service will get the job done right. 

For more information on our air conditioning services in Fruit Heights, or to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC professionals, contact us online or give us a call at (801) 543-2222

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