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Air Conditioning Services

When your air conditioning breaks, it’s a real bummer. The heat and the humidity are something you can put up with on a hike in the mountains, but not in your living room! If your AC isn’t running the way it should, you may need air conditioning services to get your unit running its best. If you have issues with your home AC unit, give us a call right away. Master Electrical Service has a team of expert HVAC technicians and electricians to get your AC running cold as ice. 

What Master Electrical Service Can Do for Your Home

We serve the entire Wasatch Front, so we know the importance of fighting the summer heat. You might be able to tell when you walk out your front door in mid-August, but our area is “semi-arid.” This means we’re almost in a desert! 

When it comes to air conditioning services, the team at Master Electrical Service can:

  • Install air conditioning units
  • Provide air conditioning service
  • Maintain AC systems
  • Perform AC repair services
  • Inspect your HVAC unit

If you want to make sure your air conditioning unit can survive another heatwave, call us! We can take a look at its age and condition to give you an expert opinion on your next best steps. Whether you need to purchase a new AC or just a simple repair, our team can help you get the cool temperatures you deserve.

Air Conditioning Installation

Perhaps you’re tired of relying on window units and want to step up to a central air unit. Or you’ve got a new build and need an expert AC installation. Master Electrical Service will assess your living space and make a recommendation for the right AC. When you’re ready for cool temps year-round, we’ll make it happen! 

The first step is to find the right place on the property for your unit. In some cases, we may need to pour a concrete pad. Then, we’ll help you to choose the right AC unit based on a few factors like:

  • Square footage
  • Number of rooms to be cooled
  • The efficiency of your insulation
  • Your budget

Our expert electricians will then get to work! We’ll hook up your new AC, install the vents, test the system, and let you enjoy your new cooled living space.

Air Conditioning Repair

There are many reasons your AC unit can stop working. It could have:

  • Dirty or restrictive filters
  • Broken thermostat
  • Low or no refrigerant
  • Iced refrigerant coils
  • Duct leaks
  • Clogged drains
  • Stopped up condenser coils
  • Bad blower motor

Any one of these issues can stop your air conditioner in its tracks. Finding the exact issue can be frustrating. But, that’s where Master Electrical Service can give you peace of mind. We’re no strangers to AC repair! 

Let us come check out your system before you pull your hair out. There’s no need to try to find the problem yourself. For example, your filters might be the wrong type for your system. Sure, they fit in the slot. But, did you know different systems breathe better depending on the type of filter used? It’s true! 

Schedule an inspection with an expert technician from Master Electrical Service. We’ll find the problem!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Take care of problems before they happen with a consistent AC maintenance schedule. Master Electrical Service can head off major issues that could sideline your entire HVAC system. We can:

  • Fine-tune thermostat settings
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Change out filters
  • Look for leaks
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Recharge refrigerant

We’ll make sure your AC runs as the manufacturer intended. If there are specific parts that need attention on your particular unit, we’ll service them. We can also show you the things you can do to take care of your system, like clearing yard debris and maintaining two feet of clearance from shrubs and bushes to aid airflow. Your AC’s outdoor condensing unit (heat pump) needs this space to function.

Trusted Experts

Master Electrical Service wants to make the whole experience a breeze. Whether you’re having a system installed, repaired, or maintained, we keep you informed. We’ll update you about our progress, expected completion dates, and any issues that pop up. 

It’s how we want others to treat us when we’re customers, so it’s how we treat you. Our electricians and technicians are licensed, skilled, well-trained, and at your service! 

Our team stays on top of current trends and new technology, too. We never stop learning! We’ll always explain our process and steer you towards your best options. If you’re trying to do an internet search for the “best electrician near me,” don’t worry. You’ve found us!

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We’re not blowing hot air — we really do know our stuff when it comes to heating and air conditioning. Almost two-and-a-half million people live in the Wasatch Front, and we’re here for every single one of you. 

Master Electrical Service’s purpose is to keep you cool. There’s no AC problem too big or small to scare us away, so call us today and experience the cold air you deserve! 

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