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Green Products

Simple green products can make a big difference in reducing the amount of electricity a home uses.  Learn from Master Electrical Service how to reduce electric consumption with green products.

It's one thing for people to recycle bottles, aluminum cans, and newspapers, it all helps,  but to make a real difference people need to make improvements to their homes.  There are so many different types of lights and fixtures that can reduce their electricity use.  Also,  installing ceiling fans is a great way to keep cool without constantly running your air conditioner.  Fans use a fraction of the energy an HVAC system does, but it can make a room feel as much as seven or eight degrees cooler.

Most people don't realize, but many of your appliances use 40 percent of the electricity they demand while they're in the off postion.  There are devices you can use in your home that can greatly reduce that problem.



 LED_bulb Light your house using as little as 10% of the electricity of incandescent bulbs!  compact_fluoresent_bulbs
LED light Bulbs        Throw away your ladder!  These last 10X longer!  

 Compact Flourescent Bulbs   Scratch bulbs off your shopping list!  These last 7X longer!



       Reduce the electricity needed for lighting and other electronics by up to 50%!




Set the mood while saving electricity!



Stay safe by making it look like you're home when you're not!




Occupancy Sensors

Wave goodbye to flipping light switches!

The simple wireless GreenSwitch system sends a signal to all designated light switches, wall plugs, and thermostats to automatically turn them off.  Greenswitch turns your air conditioning/heating system to an unoccupied, more energy efficient temperature.

Simply flip the GreenSwitch on in the morning or when you return home after work and you are powered up a usual.  Light switches, wall plugs, electronics and air conditioning/heating systems return to normal modes.


Make your home more comfortable while reducing your cooling bill up to 40%

 ceiling_fan  whole_house_fans

 Ceiling Fans

Also save 10% on heating bills! year-round savings!

Whole House Fans

Breath in fresh air......and energy savings