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Learn how the electricians from Master Electrical Service are going green!

Located near SLC and serving Morgan, Mountain Green, Nibley and beyond - Master Electrical Service wants to teach you how to save money and go GREEN.

Every time you leave a room without turning off the light, or every time you turn your thermostat down just a couple extra degrees, you're wasting a massive amount of energy.  In fact, many of your appliances use as much as 40% of the electricity they consume...when turned OFF!

green electrical power

 A phone charger with no phone attached uses power.

green electrical power

 A television receiver with the television off uses power.

green electrical power 

 A computer modem with the computer off uses power.

Systems in stand-by or off use power.

This waste is leading to  huge monthly energy bills for you, and it's taking a toll on Mother Earth, especially when you consider - on average - every home in North American uses 5 TONS of coal....each year!

Every kilowatt hour of electricity generates 1.32 lbs. of carbon dioxide.  The average home uses about 12,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually.  A 20% reduction in electricity eliminates 3,168 lbs. of carbon dioxide per household per year.

All this information points to one obvious fact:  Energy is more precious than ever!  Everyone has a responsiblity to start using it more efficiently.  That begins by being more conscious of their electricity demands and modifying their home to make it more efficient.  After all, homes and other buildings account for 24% of total energy used!

The future of the Earth is placed squarely upon the shoulders of society.  How you treat Mother Nature today will leave a lasting impact felt throughout many generations.  Change is needed now to secure a better today......and tomorrow.