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Learn about the importance of having a sandby home generator from the electrical experts at Master Electrical Service.  Known as one of the best electrician services in Ogden, Utah. Master Electrical Service is ready and able to assist with all your electrical needs.

How vital is electricity to your everyday life?  Most of the time you don't realize it until it is gone.

Could you live without some of these devices in your everyday life?

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Refrigerator
  • A/C & Heater
  • Communication Devices
  • TV/Radio
  • Life Sustaining Medical Equipment
  • Security Systems
  • Or Any Other Household Appliances!

1.) How Does a Home Standby Generator Work?  Overall, the concept is simple, but don't let that fool you,  it takes a fully trained staff to perform the installation.  A system works by having a self contained unit that produces back up power that automatically transfers into your home's electrical system when the power goes down.

2.) Where does the generator unit go, How big is it?  Your stand by home generator will be located outside of your home near the location of your main electrical service line.  Many times the unit can be easily hidden behind a fence or screened w/a small landscape bed.  For most residential units they are about the same size as your standard a/c compressor unit outside.

3.) How much power can I get from a standby generator?  The answer to this question is determined by 'How much' power the customer wants for their home.  Residential stand by generators offer a wide range of power outputs that can provide power to a portion of your home or the entire house, that is up to you.

4.) What's involved with installing a stand by generator?  For our customers we offer a turnkey service from initial consultation to system start up into a continuing service schedule to maintain your investment.  This service covers every component of investing in a standby generator including fuel and electrical connections, permitting, and inspections.  All we require from the client is the desired installation date and what circuits within the home they want on stand by emergency power.